Commonly Asked Questions:

What are your shipping methods?

We offer free, USPS shipping in the United States which is now taking 4-9 business days with COVID 19.

Is your shipping affected due to COVID 19?

Are shipping time are slightly delayed by COVID 19 at the moment. As of now, our shipping is generally taking 7-9 business days and before the virus it took on average 3-5 business days.

How do I get my tracking information?

When your products ships (may take up to a week), we will automatically send you your tracking information to the same email or phone number that your provided us. If we happen to not send your tracking information, feel free to email us at thesolewallet@gmail.com and we will quickly send you it.

Is this really better than a normal wallet?

We have had so many people reach out and telling us how much they or their family member loves the wallet. We have had people buy over 10 wallets for their friends and family because of how much they love it. Our reviews say it all.

What happens if it never arrives?

If your product for whatever reason gets lost in the shipment process, we will give you two options: A complete refund or we will expedite you another product immediately.

What happens if it gets damaged in the shipment process?

If your product gets damaged in the shipment process, contact our customer service at thesolewallet@gmail.com and we will send automatically refund you and offer you another wallet at a discount if you wish.